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“From my sister-in-law-the-PhD to our 10 year old nephew, RASHI, RAMBAM brought intriguing twists and peals of laughter.”

Reader Review

"Best Jewish Book You've Never Heard Of!"

Jewsweek Magazine

It’s “What the Island’s Talking About.”

The Long Island Press

“Thank you Mark. It is a worthy idea whose time has probably come.” [Editor’s Note: Probably?]

Reader Comment

“It sounds like a lot of fun. At this time I am not able to access it because I am technologically challenged. Perhaps one of my children will teach me.”

- Non-Reader Comment

"Mazel Tov!!!  It sounds great, and I'm sure it is!  I knew you were working on something but didn't know what it was! I'm so proud of you!!!!!"

- My Mom

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